Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to Energetic Self-Mastery Training!

    • A message from Greg Sullivan

    • Before we begin...

    • How to use the system

  • 02

    Covering the Basics

    • Putting it all in Context

    • The Why

    • The What

    • The How

  • 03

    First Steps-An Introduction to Clearing Your Energetic Systems

    • Establishing your Core Practice

    • Exercise 1-Releasing Unwanted Chi from Your Energy Field

    • Exercise 2- Return to Rightful Owner Command

    • Exercise 3- Timeline Jump

  • 04

    Next Steps...

    • A Wrap Up...For now

    • Discovering your Connection to Higher Guidance

    • The Path Ahead

What's Inside

A unique collection of tools and know-how to help with your own personal empowerment and awakening process.

  • Ascension and Light Body Activation Support

  • Clearings for all manner of old patterns, wounds, and karmic burden

  • Reconnect with your ET Star Family for direct personal guidance and mission support during this life timeline


Instructor Bio:

Founder and head of JCETI/CE-5 Japan. Active since 2009.

Greg Sullivan